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Korea Pobling Pore Sonic Electric Sonic Cleanser

Korea Pobling Pore Sonic Electric Sonic Cleanser

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White , Gold , Red , Blue

4 Colour available 






Pobling Cleanser/Highly Raved By Koreans




Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser by removing sebum and wastes from the deep inside of your pores, it actually makes your skin fair.

Deep pore cleansing promise to make your skin bright.


Sonic pore cleanser - Pobling What is amazing is that something so gentle to your skin can actually dramatic improvements.

Excellent pore cleansing effect! Using Po bling helps to remove impurities and clear pores. 

No harsh abrasives! No chemicals! Gentle and natural way to cleanse your skin.

Enhance skincare product! Without proper cleansing, pollutants, oil and bacteria accumulate on the skin, clogging pores and causing blackheads, blemishes and dullness. 

This prevents serums and moisturizers from performing to their fullest potential.

An advanced vibrate motion to effectively cleanse oily skin, large pores, and those hard-to-reach or uneven areas of the face, such as around the nose.





How to use:


1. Wet your skin and pobling with enough warm water and apply some foaming cleanser. Turn the pobling on and massage with brush head gently.
2. Rinse your skin with warm water
3. After using pobling, please rinse the soap off enough under running water, drain off and keep it in the holder.
4. When using again, rince it out again clearly under running water.
5. We recommend to use twice or three times a week.







Removes makeup better than manual cleansing

Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother

Removes impurities that keep creams and serums from working their best

Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes

It removes excess oil, dirt, blackheads and whiteheads yet gentle on the skin, plus it minimises the appearance of large pores and helps to block dirt from entering the skin

Simply apply it on cleansed face and let the gadget work its magic to reveal smoother, finer looking visage



Kulit yang cantik bermula dengan >>>

★ Membersih muka

★ Mencegah masalah kulit

★ Menghapuskan blackhead, acne dan pimples


Special :

♥ Getaran sonic mikro 300 kali per saat bersamaan membersih satu liang roma sebyak 300 kali per saat.

Ia adalah ratusan ganda lebih cepat daripada membersih secara traditional. 


♥ Saiz diameter bulu di antara 0.05-0.07mm, rekabentuk berus yang lebih halus daripada rambut kita, membolehkan bulu masuk dan membersihkan kotoran di dalaman liang roma.


♥ Setiap berus mempunyai lebih daripada 52,000 fiber bulu yang berdiameter 0.05mm yang boleh memasuki ke liang roma manusia (diameter liangroma Orang Asia  0:07-0.08mm)


== Pembersihan dalaman ==

Menghapuskan sisa-sisa, minyak, blackheads bawah kulit melalui Getaran Ultra Sonic.


== Meningkatkan keanjalan kulit dan Menghilangkan garis halus ==

Ultra Sonic yang bergegar 20,000 seminit dalam berus, seperti massage yang gentle untuk muka kita, membantu untuk melicinkan kulit, menghapuskan garis halus dan kedutan, menyebabkan kulit jadi lebih muda. 


== Membaiki kualiti kulit ==

Melalui pembersihan dalaman dan urutan yang lembut, ia menggalakan metabolic sel muka, jester mengurangkan kesan minyak, jeragat, kekurangan sinaran, blackhead dll.


== Merangsangkan penyerapan yang lebih baik terhadap product penjagaan kulit ==

Setelah membersihkan liang roma, serum dapat memasuki ke lapisan dalaman kulit dan menutrisikan kulit dari dalam ke luar. 


== Make remover yang hebat ==

Membersih make up dengan lebih cepat, lebih senang dan pantas, di samping melindungi kerosakan kulit daripada kandungan bahan kimia make up.






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  • Anonymous user ( 2015-07-26 20:14:24 )

    Is this original from Habalan?


  • Anonymous user ( 2015-03-15 00:13:06 )

    Does the battery provided?

    AdministratorNot including Battery.

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